Advantages of Timber framed houses

JG Builders Braidleys Ltd specialise in new build timber framed houses and supply the timber framed build kits as part of the build process. There are many reasons to choose timber framed houses when building a new home, for example a typical house can be weather-tight in just 5 days, which is an excellent benefit, especially in Scotland.

Flexible design – A timber frame structure can be cladded in any external material usually timber panels, bricks or stone, which can complement the local environment, any building regulations and planning requirements.
Quick build – A timber frame can be partly pre-cut, modulated and built to precision and therefore the build time is much quicker than for a brick build. Time is also saved due to a much cleaner site as there is less building debris is around. A typical house can be weather-tight in less than 5 days.
Lightweight – The components in a timber frame weighs less and can be used on a brownfield sites or sites with difficult land conditions and are easy to transport.

A timber frame home is a home that costs less to heat, that’s built to higher standards and is generally snug, warm and draught free.

Some examples of our new build houses

JG Builders Bradileys Ltd New House Build
JG Builders Braidleys Ltd New Build
JG Builders Braidleys Ltd New House Build